What ever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve

- Napoleon Hill

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    Our content has helped many individuals to achieve their goals. Our founders coached the Dagang Olympic Math Team, which subsequently won the First Place China Award at an international competition, coached Nigerian teams for the Impact Week, which won the Train the Trainers Competition as well as the StartUp Competition and much more. We have read hundreds of books that will be made available to you.

    There is too much information these days. Stay with us - and learn only what you need. We teach you everything about your body for you to reach your goals - from your hormone cycles and your sleep to entering flow phases and doing time management.

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    After having coached content for decent sums of money, we decided to publish it online for free while we develop our newest tool about optimising productivity. We just started - feel free to check out our first work.
    #1: The Unlimitix Journey
    #2: Getting to know your circadian rhythm

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Daniel Dippold

Daniel achieved a top 1% Grade Point Average at University of St. Gallen and was named on the Dean's List for his academic excellence at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Simultaneously, Daniel worked on his companies for which he's been named Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum and was invited to give a TED-Talk. Daniel also trained the Dagang Olympic Math Team which subsequently achieved the First Place China Award in the Purple Comet competition.

Laurin binger

Laurin joined the St. Gallen Symposium, where he worked as the a relationship manager for Finland. Very surprisingly, while growth rates remained roughly the same in the past, Laurin increased participant numbers by 160% and sales volume by more than 50%. Laurin has coached and taught university students in several subjects. His day begins at 5 o'clock in the morning and is filled with productive routines.

Philipp Seidl

Philipp has worked in larger corporations, such as BCG and Rantum Capital as well as smaller ones, such as Silicon Valley's most promising semi-conductor start-up. He's been the leader of St. Gallen Symposium, where he managed and lead over 30 students. He has received full-time offers from every firm he worked for before and sets the bar for performance wherever he goes.

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