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  • Sleep
    One third of our life is spent sleeping

    Science teaches us how we can improve sleep quality drastically. This means that we get the same amount of rest during less time of sleep. Find our articles below that teach you how.

    #1: Understanding Your Hormones
    #2: Understanding The Light-Dark-Cycle
    #3: Understanding Your Circadian Rhythm
    #4: Understanding Sleep Itself

  • Flow
    Flow is the key to productivity and fullfilment

    Being able to focus is one of the most important skills to learn in the 21st century. We are constantly distracted by social media, emails and other perks provided by our phone. We'll teach you how to enter and stay in 'Flow' to master productivity.

    #1: Understanding Flow
    #2: Learning Flow
    #3: Hacking Flow
    #4: A Guide to Entering Flow

  • Willpower
    Mastering willpower means mastering your life

    Willpower is one of these cryptic phenomenons. Some people seem to 'just have it', while others don't. However, science says that this is not true. We will teach you how you can train your willpower, save it and trick your brain to stay more productive.

    Stay tuned, we're currently producing!


The Unlimitix Journey

We produce science-based content - from enhancing willpower to sleeping better - that helps you perform in your everyday life.

Our content has helped many individuals to achieve their goals and transform their lives. As a coaching business, we were fortunate enough to coach the Dagang Olympic Math Team, which subsequently won the First Place China Award at an international competition. Yet, we believed that our content is applicable to much more than mere studying. As a demonstration, one of our founders coached professors, executives and students for the Impact Week in Nigeria, who subsequently won the Train the Trainers Competition as well as the StartUp Competition. 

More importantly, we have been inspired by the smiling faces of our coachees after they had achieved their goals. Those may range from sleeping better to being a top university student or founding a company. We assist along the way - for free. Find our articles and content in the section above.


What ever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve

- Napoleon Hill



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